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Welcome to the Special Reconnaissance Squadron Website for Star Trek Online. We are one of the largest and most established fleets in STO with a full Armada, full holdings in many of our fleets, a very active events program and community. All players are welcome and we would love to welcome you to our fleet. Please see the joining page for more information. Below is our current recruitment program and latest headlines. Thank you for visiting.

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson, SRS Chief of Staff


The latest just in on Subspace channels


Final Frontier SRS


Star Trek SRS, Season 1 Episode 4, Proving Ground. Can you save the Federation from an all out attack and prove the necessity for the SRS once again?












Mission Replay and Red Alerts

red-alert-oOur most popular event, Mission Replay, has recently had an addition in the form of a Red Alerts channel. Whilst the Mission replay is daily, Monday to Friday, the Red Alerts are ongoing and eventually we hope for them to be around the clock. Usually at least once an hour one of the RDF team members or SRS Admin at Command will give details of an ongoing situation that requires an RDF team (Rapid Deployment Force) to respond. There is a little casual role playing here to add to the event and sometimes one event leads to another. Mission Replays and Red Alerts reward MRP (Mission Replay Points). And points make prizes, here is our prize giving notification for the second half of 2017. Learn More...


Updated list


SRS Honours

A new feature recently introduced is Rank Medals. Following the recent successful addition of the Red Alerts channel, we will be introducing some rank badges or medals. At the moment the main ranks have been done but more will follow. If you have achieved any of these positions you may use the title and the medal on any of your correspondence within SRS, be it here, in the forum, on the STO forum signature, in emails etc. Congratulations to those folks who already qualify for one or more of these medals. The high quality download links will be available on our updated website soon

Master rank sheet


Join SRS to take part in the action, message us on Facebook or mail matt@srs-fleet.net for more info.

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