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The Special Reconnaissance Squadron or SRS is an international group of fleets in the Star Trek Online MMO. SRS was founded back in 2012 with the intention ofSRS Main Fleet becoming a leading fleet in the game but one that was mature and relaxed. Drama was always something to be avoided and our fleet members would agree that being a member of SRS is a rewarding experience and SRS is a great home for you and your characters whilst playing STO.


SRS is actually much bigger than it ever intended to become. SRS Command is the main fleet at level 65 with all currently available holdings at maximum tier. All our members are officers and have full access at all times to all fleet provisions as well as access to a generous bank.

On joining SRS you begin your career in the SRS Academy which will guide and assist new players andSRS GUARDIANS serves as an introduction to experienced players to SRS for a short time before being promoted to our Command Fleet.

Our PvP fleet, SRS Guardians, is still small but made up of some of the best PvPers in the game, these players are known as the Guardians.

We have a Tier 5 KDF fleet that is gaining in popularity. All our fleets are in the SRS Armada along with many other large fleets such as the 111th Fleet and Task Force 74. Our Armada is full and at level 600 with around 1,500 members. We usacademy logoe a cross faction chat channel so it doesn’t matter which fleet you are in or which faction you can still chat with your friends.

SRS is a well known fleet in Star Trek Online and well respected. We hold regular competitions, the last one gave away a Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought and other prizes worth 1 billion EC. There are many routes for promotion within the fleets and a generous reward scheme for achieving the ranks of Squadron Leader and Wing Commander.

If you are interested in joining us why not contact us in game, on our Facebook page or join us on TeamSpeak, it’s all free and we’d love to meet you. See our joining page for more information. Below are a couple of recent projects, a build for the T6 Yamato and our latest foundry mission trailer.

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