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The Special Reconnaissance Squadron Academy Fleet was formed in 2013 as a way to introduce new players to the game and to our fleet. By spending a little time in the Academy Captains can easily accumulate fleet credits as all the big spenders are in the main fleet. They can also see if they like the SRS structure by taking part in events and getting involved in our cross fleet chat channel SRS Armada. It also gives us a chance to evaluate new candidates for the fleet to ensure that they are the ‘right stuff’ for SRS. The Academy was renamed after the passing of our good friend Josh Bee, or JB as everyone knew him, early in 2017. JB was severely disabled yet managed to play Star Trek Online and other games very well, often beating far more able bodied captains with his intelligence, sharp wit and dogged determination. JB is sorely missed.



All new recruits are invited to join the Academy and once joined they are expected to earn 100,000 fleet credits and spend at least two weeks probationary period in the Academy. Once they have satisfied those most basic of requirements they are able to move to the main fleet where they will be promoted to Fleet Captain which has rights to purchase anything from our provisioned stores.

Some captains prefer to stay in the Academy to help new recruits, if they do this they are promoted to Professor or higher, if they wish to purchase something from one of our Tier 5 stores they are quickly moved to the main fleet to accommodate this, sometimes an invite is all that is required rather than a full move.

SRS Academy is a fast growing fleet with 200+ members at time of writing. This is always fluctuating as new members join daily and others leave to join other SRS Fleets. If you would like to join our Academy see our joining page for more information.

Superintendents of the SRS Josh Bee Academy are:

Feel free to contact any one of the above for more information. Real world email address is

Copy of the Recruitment Email

Hi, and welcome to SRS. Please join the following two channels, SRS Armada and SRS Red Alert.

type /channel_join SRS Armada
type/channel_join SRS Red Alert. Make the Red Alert channel red colour to stand out.

SRS Armada is our general cross fleet chat channel and covers our KDF fleets too, all fleets in both armadas use this channel.
SRS Red Alert channel is where almost all events are announced. We currently run at least 2000 events a year, usually in the evenings but we try to run them around the clock.

To progress in the Armada you just need to stay for two weeks in the Academy, after this time you may choose to stay on in the Academy or move to one of the other fleets.
In the meantime if you need anything from the T5 base then just ask in chat for an invite.

The other fleets you can move to are as follows:

SRS Command - The main T5 fleet that most people join and the Alpha fleet of the Armada, access to all tiers of all holdings.
SRS Chrononauts - A fleet with an emphasis on Temporal Agents, you need to be a temporal agent to join.
SRS Carrier Command - As the name suggests, this fleet specialises in Carriers of all types.
SRS Guardians - This is our PvP fleet and entry is by combat, when you achieve a certain level you are allowed to join
The Josh Bee SRS Academy - The starting fleet and place where many remain if they enjoy teaching others and recruiting.
SRS M.A.C.O. - This is our fleet for those who have proven themselves on our MRP events, you can join this when you reach 1 million MRP.

To join our Discord server please click the connect button on the right side of this page.

MRP - Mission Replay Points -

We run regular events, taking part earns you points towards the huge end of year prizes so join the red alert channel and take part. There are prizes for the first 30 places.


We are also extremely active on Facebook

Live Long and Prosper


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MRP (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

Click HERE to go to our MRP Page, but first read the Red Alerts page for background information.

Below are the current sheets that power this amazing events system. You are welcome to browse and interact where indicated.

Current Leader Board

2018 Leader

Current Ranks for the associated SRS MACO Fleet

2018 ranks

Calculation sheet with options to compare player performance

Enlarge Image or click below to go to sheet

Player Performance

SRS MACO Fleet members can earn merits which can be used to help buy packs to increase their MRP score as well as buy consoles, traits and even T6 ships.

The sheet below shows you which pack a particular member has bought.

Merit Enhancement Packs

Enlarge Image or click the thumbnail to go to the sheet