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Advanced Engineering Group

I canna change the laws of physicsscotty

The immortal words uttered by the Enterpise’s most famous engineer, Mr Scott.
Well, we have our beloved Scotty in game now and wouldn’t it be great if you could ask him for help with your build? Never fear, we asked him for you and we came up with the idea of Build Infographics.

SRS Build Infographics

What is an infographic?

Basically it is an information sheet that tries to convey all the information required to copy a build in one quick glance. The infographics here assume some knowledge of STO, but these are very advanced builds and so that is a reasonable presumption. However if you would like anything clarifying then please do get in touch.

Click on the small images to open a page with the full size image available.


Pre-Season 13 Builds

Prior to Season 13, these were some of the best builds you could have. They are still good today but many items are now not as effective as they once were, feedback pulse for example. Post S13 builds will be coming soon.

Annorax Science Ship Infographic built by Matt Johnson



The Vengeance built by Matt Johnson


Universe Class Carrier built by Matt Johnson

Universe Class

Engineering build for the T6 Yamato built by Garanza

Eng Yamato

Temporal Light Cruiser, [T6] Constitution built by Matt Johnson

T6 Connie

Kelvin Timeline D4x Pilot Bird-of-Prey built by Matt Doody

D4x Doody


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