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SRS Armada Chat

When Cryptic introduced the Armada they included a chat channel called Armada Chat, however because they did not want other factions to be in each other’s armada the chat channel was immediately useless because we can’t keep in touch with our members if they go play KDF for a while. So we created a chat channel called SRS Armada, everyone in the Armada from SRS and the other fleets should only use this channel to communicate.

It’s a public channel, you don’t need any password to gain access.

To join the SRS Armada chat channel all you need to do is type exactly the following into the normal chat box ingame and then press enter.

/channel_join SRS Armada

You can then right click on the chat box and select SRS Armada chat channel to chat in.


SRS Armada chat is provided by SRS and Cryptic in order for fleet members from the SRS Armada Fed and KDF to chat together, about the game. Chatting about Star Trek Online, builds, events, Star Trek, in general, is all fine, and indeed, encouraged.

What we do not want to see are the following:

Religious discussion
Personal insults against others in chat

Failure to follow the above simple rules may result in anything from a temporary chat ban to a permanent ban and a kick from all SRS Fleets or Armada fleets, this will be at the discretion of the fleet leaders during a tribunal meeting. An immediate chat ban may be imposed to prevent ongoing hostility until the situation is resolved.

We also do not want to see people's countries decried or otherwise trashed. This is an international community, please show respect for all other countries.

Basically please show respect to your fellow Armada officers. Don't forget many may be new to the game and don't have your level of knowledge or understanding, try to remain patient, if you can't do that then do not get involved. Also, many people may not have English as a first language, try to make allowances for that fact.
Nobody should feel forced to leave the fleet due to the comments or behaviour of others, if that happens then the system has broken down.

If somebody is making self-deprecating comments you need not agree with them, if you don't have anything nice to say then please say nothing.

As we grow larger these simple guidelines become more important. If we, as a community all with a love for Star Trek, cannot get along, then what hope is there for the rest of humanity?

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson
Commander in Chief of SRS Fleets

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MRP (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

Click HERE to go to our MRP Page, but first read the Red Alerts page for background information.

Below are the current sheets that power this amazing events system. You are welcome to browse and interact where indicated.

Current Leader Board

2018 Leader

Current Ranks for the associated SRS MACO Fleet

2018 ranks

Calculation sheet with options to compare player performance

Enlarge Image or click below to go to sheet

Player Performance

SRS MACO Fleet members can earn merits which can be used to help buy packs to increase their MRP score as well as buy consoles, traits and even T6 ships.

The sheet below shows you which pack a particular member has bought.

Merit Enhancement Packs

Enlarge Image or click the thumbnail to go to the sheet