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This fleet is dormant due to Cryptics lack of support and content for AoY characters
It may be reinstated at a future date

Chrononauts logo gif02SRS Chrononauts is the latest fleet to join the SRS family. Designed specifically for your temporal character with rankings to reflect their specific temporal credentials.

How to join

All members can invite new members on the following provisos:

They must be existing armada members, if not they must go through the SRS Academy first, and they must be Temporal Recruits, no 25th century born officers.

Non qualifying members will be removed and reassigned to other fleets. Note also that members cannot be invited until they have completed the Battle for Celeb at around level 10 and are on ESD (25th century one).

So what’s different with Chrononauts?


The bank will have a large number of boosts available, items that will help you level up your new character through the various reputations, R&D, fleet credits etc. It will be well stocked with R&D materials and good quality low level gear to equip on your new ships.

In addition there will be some new real rewards for those contributing the most.

REWARDSCalendar 1
(Note all physical rewards have now shipped, there may be some available on request for additional charges)

For the first 20 players that reach 500,000 fleet credits for SRS Chrononauts you will be sent free of charge an SRS Chrononauts mouse mat. For the first 10 players to reach 1 million fleet credits you will be sent free of charge a fantastic SRS Wall calendar (pictured) for 2017 filled with images from Mission Replay and so featuring some of you.

These items will also be available in our fleet shop shortly if you can't wait to receive them.

And the rewards don’t end there, there will be more exciting developments with SRS Chrononauts as time progresses with more real life rewards to the temporal agents who support their fleet the most, see the list of ranks below. To join the fleet just send a request in the SRS Armada chat

Founder members of SRS Chrononauts are:


Current Command Structure:
Jim Johnson, Mike Holt and Aaron Bryant as overall command, note Mike is the contact for UTC +5 and above time zone, Aaron will be able to administer decisions should Jim not be available.
Josie Warne is Fleet XO @titanparadise, please don’t hesitate to contact either Josie or Jim @TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST any time.

Ranks and qualifying criteria

Temporal Agent - on joining
Senior Temporal Agent - at 500K contributions - Rewarded Chrononauts mouse mat (first 20) thereafter 5 million EC
Chrononaut - at 1 million contributions - Rewarded Chrononauts 2017 Calendar (first 10) thereafter 10 million EC
Senior Chrononaut - at 2 million contributions - Rewarded 50 million EC
Temporal Investigator - at 4 million contributions - Rewarded SRS Chrononauts Polo Shirt
Temporal Officer - equivalent to fleet XO by appointment
Temporal Magistrate - Fleet leader by appointment


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MRP (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

Click HERE to go to our MRP Page, but first read the Red Alerts page for background information.

Below are the current sheets that power this amazing events system. You are welcome to browse and interact where indicated.

Current Leader Board

2018 Leader

Current Ranks for the associated SRS MACO Fleet

2018 ranks

Calculation sheet with options to compare player performance

Enlarge Image or click below to go to sheet

Player Performance

SRS MACO Fleet members can earn merits which can be used to help buy packs to increase their MRP score as well as buy consoles, traits and even T6 ships.

The sheet below shows you which pack a particular member has bought.

Merit Enhancement Packs

Enlarge Image or click the thumbnail to go to the sheet