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TImage1he Special Reconnaissance Squadron was formed by Matt Johnson on the 18tNew_2017_SRS_Logo-ed1h June 2012. Other original fleet members were David Litchfield, Aletia Litchfield, Sam Cooper and Josh Bee (JB).

Right from the outset Matt wanted this fleet to be a mature environment whilst being family friendly, and definitely drama free. Drama and power struggles ruin many promising fleets within STO and indeed many guilds in all types of online game and is symptomatic of society in general. Fortunately SRS has managed to avoid any of the problems besetting other fleets and continues to grow to this date.

One of the main reasons SRS has done so well is because it has been lucky enough to have a fine crew at the helm. The other reason is the relaxed attitude and the ability to never take itself too seriously, this is after all a game and we are all here to enjoy ourselves. If SRS is the kind of fleet that appeals to you take a look at our joining page or contact us ingame.

SRS COMMAND roster stands at 500 members. Many members show up only during a new season and this is normal and fine as we all have busy lives, however the more you get involved the more fun you’re going to have. No members are removed until the fleet roster limit is reached, then those that have been offline the longest will make way for those new recruits from our Academy. SRS is a well known and much respected fleet within Star Trek Online, we are proud of our achievements and our crew.

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