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As well as several fleets within the Special Reconnaissance Squadron there are also many divisions. MostAEG_logo (1) of the Divisions are spread across multiple fleets. Any fleet member can concentrate on any division that interests them and within each division there are experts who can help whether it be a new build for your latest ship or developing a new story within the foundry.

The divisions at present are as follows:

Dedicated to the advancement of ship design within the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Using our discussion forums, in game chat and TeamSpeak ship and ground builds are discussed and perfected.

RDF TEAMS - Rapid Deployment Teams
Our RDF team members are basically you, each and everyone of you. When you accept a Mission Replay or Red Alert you become a member of that RDF team. RDF Officers are rank five officers charged with facilitating the Red Alerts, look out for these officers and ask them when they expect the next Red Alert will take place.

Many SRS fleet members have created some superb foundry missions. This division brings those stories and programming techniques together for mutual help and ideas.


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