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The Special Reconnaissance Squadron Guardians is the SRS Players versus Players (PvP) Division. PvP is by many considered to be the pinacle of any game since it provides an endless and ever-adapting challenge that is yet to be replicated by any sort of PvE (Players versus Environment) gameplay.

PvP is constantly evolving, with every addition to the game changing the delicate balance (or imbalance?) in PvP. One of the main requirements for a Guardian is therefore to be willing to change and adapt.

Fleet goals

The goal of the SRS Guardians is to promote and enhance the wonderful experience that is PvP play, with its main focus on space combat. By organising PvP events, both in the Armada and in general Arenas, we strive to improve ourselves and make the PvP game even more fun than it already is. We share ideas, builds and techniques freely in order to make sure we always remain up-to-date.

Rewards on Joining

Instead of issuing individual rewards on joining we have now taken the decision to populate the Guardians bank with some outstanding inventory, from starship traits to epic weapons and elite consoles. These items are available for withdrawal by all Guardians to help improve their build. The only conditions are that the items are bind on pickup and for the Guardian’s own use. The items in the Guardians fleet bank are second to none and include such amazing items as Inspirational leader and plasmonic leech. (fair useage rights apply, withdrawal rights may be canceled if abused).


How to become a Guardian?

After spending the required time in the SRS Academy and your promotion to SRS Command you can enter the Guardians in one of two ways.

The first way is by requesting a challenge. Any member of SRS Command or a senior member of SRS Academy can challenge a senior member of SRS Guardians to single space combat. This challenge will be met at a suitable time, as soon as opportunity allows. If the challenger can defeat the senior member (or his proxy, as determined by the Guardian) two out of three times the challenger has proven himself worthy and will be invited into SRS Guardians. Such promotions will be announced across the Armada. If the challenger is unable to defeat the Guardian but proves her/himself a capable pilot Fleet leadership may still decide to grant entry into the Guardians. These cases are judged on an individual basis.

The second way to enter SRS Guardians is by invitation. Fleet leadership may decide to award entry into the Guardians based on merit or contributions to PvP. This is however a rare occurence and considered a great honour.

Ranks and internal promotion.

This first rank is the basic fleet rank, with sufficient permissions to aquire items from the fleet stores.

Promotion to this rank implies that the Guardian has started to specialise in a certain role of PvP (healing, sustained or burst damage, piloting cruisers, etc...) and has proven him/herself at a basic level. Promotion to this level can occur fairly quickly, depending on activities.

Specialist First Class:
Any Specialist that shows great expertise in the chosen specialty can be promoted to this rank. Specialists First Class are given permission to access the Officers Channel and can organise fleet events.

Master Artificer:
Those Guardians that show an exceptional technical knowledge of the myriad of ships and techniques in Starfleet will be promoted to this rank, after being nominated by senior fleet members. This is considered the first fleet officer rank.

Section Leader:
Promotion to this rank will be the result of showing leadership both inside and outside of the arena. Section Leaders are responsible for leading and organising Sections (teams) in PvP battle, setting up new combinations and sections and providing advice and help to newer members, in the fleet and the Armada.

One of two administrative ranks, promotion to this level can only occur when a vacancy opens and after nomination and approval by the fleet leaders.

Senior fleet administrators, they are responsible for the running and top-level leadership in SRS Guardians.

Rules and Regulations

Guardians are members of the SRS Fleets and are therefore subject to any and all rules and regulations that apply to the other SRS Fleets.

Several other rules apply:

  • Guardians are expected to behave in a respectful and polite manner towards other players in all circumstances, even when being thoroughly beaten in PvP. We don't allow insults, even when provoked. By not stooping to their level we show our own qualities.
  • All builds and tricks are allowed to be used, be it tactical torpedo powers, hull-crushing engineering powers or insidious science abilities. However, we do ask Guardians to refrain from using so-called “Lock down” builds. When used in certain combinations some powers can be used to completely deny your opponents ability to play. While these can certainly be effective, it is also very frustrating for your opponent. Please don't go overboard with these abilities. Gravity Wells, Tractor Beam Repulsors and similar abilities are all absolutely fine, certain, rather broken combinations of Duty Officers, Bridge Officer abilities and consoles are not.
  • Other information

Due to the complex matter that is PvP we highly recommend that Guardians use the SRS Teamspeak server to communicate with each other.

Guardians can leave the fleet freely to join SRS Command temporarily in order to purchase any equipment the Guardians holdings might not yet have access to, but we ask you to notify someone in the fleet leadership so we can keep track of your rank.

Guardians will only be removed from the fleet after six months of inactivity, or after gross breaches of rules.

Guardian Commander Thorn



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