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How to Join SRS

Everyone is welcome to join the Special Reconnaissance Squadron. We only ask that you observe the common courtesies as laid out in our FLEET MANUAL.

The first step is to make contact with us in game. All new recruits are invited to join the Academy and once joined they are expected to earn 100,000 fleet credits and spend at least two weeks probationary period in the Academy. Once they have satisfied those most basic of requirements they are able to move to the main fleet where they will be promoted to Captain which has rights to purchase anything from our provisioned stores. For more information on the Academy please go here. SRS ACADEMY

Contacts in game are:

Matt@mattdoody - Chief Academy Superintendent
Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST - SRS Commander in Chief

You can also join our main public chat channel, SRS Armada, simply type in the chat box “/channel_join SRS Armada” without the quotes, you will then be able to use that channel and feel free to ask for an invite to the Academy

Contacts out of game

Once in the fleet you may access our Discord Servers. In addition of course you will need an account with Star Trek Online first. If you haven’t got that then go here first, but be sure to bookmark SRS


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