MRP Patch Notes

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MRP Patch Notes

MRP UPDATE 2019 Patch Notes

A new year of MRP awaits and there are some important changes from 2018, please read this document fully and post questions in the comments section if you have any.


There are some big changes with regard to rewards. Instead of earning towards a massive prize at the end of the year, there will be many more smaller prizes spread throughout the year. These will usually have a price of around 16 million MRP or about two months of play time for the average Captain. The value of the prizes will usually be in the region of 300 million EC or about $50 in real money.

The first of these prizes is a full set of Sensor linked beam arrays which cost 330 million EC to buy. You may keep the weapons if you win then or sell them, it is up to you. There will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize for each event but this will be considerably lower in value and will most likely be a trait pack or similar. We aim to have at least 6 of these rewards spread over the year but ideally we would like to have many more, how soon they are won depends on how much Captains play and how many CFOPS are running events.

Membership of these two fleets is frozen until 31st March 2019. This is because the values for your average MRP and SRS Average score have been reset for the new year and it will take time to build up those new figures. If you are currently in either of these fleets then you may remain there until 31st March. If, by that date you have not achieved the requirments to remain then you will be transferred to another SRS Fleet.

A reminder of the requirements:

SRS MACO, you must achieve 1 million MRP by 31st March to remain a member or to receive an invite.
SRS SPEC OPS, you must have an average score of 60,000 MRP and have done more than 3% of all SRS events by 31st March to qualify.


Deaths make a significant difference to your score, for example a score of 210,000 with no deaths will become 108,000 with 1 death and continue to roughly halve with every additional death. In the past you could buy back your deaths with merits at the price of 2 merits per death. Merits are earned automatically by completeing events at the rate of one merit per event. In 2019 you will be limited to buying back only 1 death and the price is now 5 merits.
You can earn 2 more free deaths, ie deaths that are not counted in the following ways:

* Once your XP rises above 6000 which is equivalent to 300 missions. XP is lifetime and has rolled over from 2018.
* You may purchase a Death Pack for 100 merits which will allow 1 free death per event. Merit packs are lifetime bonuses and roll over from the previous year.

New Packs available from launch on 2nd January 2019

* Death pack - 100 merits
* Damage In pack - 20 merits
* Max One Hit pack - 20 merits

To purchase one of the packs above simple ask the Chief of Fleet Operations officer in chat.

A reminder that only members of SRS MACO and SRS SPEC OPS can earn merits and order packs.

Naming Conventions
Events are now described as missions or sorties
Players are now described as Captains

Hard Cap
There is now a fixed hard cap of 200,000 MRP points no matter how well you do in an event. There are a couple of things that can be added to take you slightly above that hard cap, such as daily bonus, but it is impossible to achieve higher by performing better. This is in place to limit the massive differences between player abilities.

Daily Bonus Merit Pack
This merit pack now doubles your daily bonus to 20,000 MRP and is applicable to anyone who already has the pack or purchases it in the future.

The following information is for CFOPS Officers

Changes to the way deaths are dealt with

If a player has a death they want to buy back, this is much simpler now to achieve. If you look at this image of the updated calculation sheet you will see that under each Captain there is a new button which states “Buy back 1 death” and a coloured indicator light next to it.

Indicator Light

Light is Red - The Captain either does not have enough merits to buy back death, or has no deaths to buy back.
Light is Green - The Captain has enough merits to buy back death and indeed has died at least once.

If the Captain wants to buy back one death you can simply click the button under the respective Captain. This will automatically apply a cost of 5 merits to that Captain on the Leaderboard, you do not have to manually adjust the merit cost any more in 2019.

Calc sheet

2019 Leaderboard with a sample event
The merit spent column is now locked and you cannot change it. There is a new column for purchasing packs. If a player wishes to purchase a pack you can add the cost of that pack to the packs column at the far right. You can update the packs that player owns in the hidden columns H - P, please rehide again once filled in. If you are not sure how to do this please ask for training.


Please note that each buy back one death button is a new indivdual script and you will have to allow it for the first time as before. If you are unsure how to allow scripts to run please ask for training.

I think I have covered everything in this document, if not it may be updated later and republished. I look forward to a very exciting year of Star Trek Online with many new and exciting missions to add to our mission list. Remember, the more you play STO the more you get out of it.

Live Long and Prosper
Matt Johnson
Commander in Chief of SRS Fleets

Previous Patch Notes

MRP 2.0

The MRP or Mission Replay System, has been running now since around June 2016. Over that time it has seen many revisions and additions as is the nature of a new system with no previous references.
Now, we have some considerable experience understanding how to reward players for taking part in the events that SRS host, and this has enabled a new look calculation system which is fairer, simpler and more aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from all the changes listed below, it should be noted that emphasis has been reduced for DPS and strengthened for other factors, healing, damage taken, threat etc.

MRP sheet 1

Each player's results are shown in their own specific table

* The table shows the following new information
** Which merit packs are in play (denoted by a number 1)
** The additional bonus that merit pack has provided
** Special Events such as Heal or DPS weeks
** How much extra bonus that event has added to the score
** Deaths and how many bonus deaths are available after the event

* New categories for the following new Merit Packs

** Damage In pack
** Max Hit Pack
** Death Pack

*    The daily bonus is indicated as either 1st Play or played accordingly
*    Average current MRP is now also shown
*    MACO and SPEC OPS Membership is now shown with the bonus MRP for being in either of those two fleets
*    SPEC OPS average score is selected during a non-parsable-event (NPE) should the score acquired be lower than their   current average
*    SPEC OPS officers are not penalised for death accrued during NPEs


Deaths are now more easily understood. 1 death is half of your basic MRP score before the following is added:

* Uniform
* TFO Bonus
* Death bonuses are no longer applied to other team members (goodbye kerchings!)

Deaths will be treated as before with the exception that you will only be able to buy back 1 death per event. The maximum permitted death to buy back is as follows:

* 1 death free once you reach 6000 MRP
* 1 death free once you buy the death merit pack (account bound for life)
* 1 death bought back via merits in the normal way for a total of 3 deaths per event.

Tier Challenge Death Allowance

The only exception to this will be the Tier Ship event which will also be run differently. The tier ship event will be for ships of tier 3 and lower. You will be rewarded 1 free death to be manually subtracted from the score sheet if you are flying a Tier 3 ship or lower. Higher than tier 3 ships will not be allowed to enter the event.

*    Starfleet Directive - This gave a random addition of points to all players. This has been discontinued
*    Event Boost - All events will now give an additional 50% MRP before the addition of Uniform, TNG PADD and XP

Event Duration System

Each player is timed and an average time is calculated. In the event of a player not fulfilling the full time, e.g. disconnect or not in combat they will be penalised in the following manner.

* Average time achieved - no penalty
* Average time exceeded - increased mrp based on a percentage of the difference between player time and the average time
* Average time not achieved - decreased MRP based on a percentage of the difference between player time and the average time.

This has the following effects.

A player that has not taken part fully in the match will be penalised. This will also lower the overall average time, as a result, the remaining players will see an increase in their time:average time and gain an MRP boost.

Example. 5 players.
Average time = 1221 s

Scores are
Player 1 - 55997
Player 2 - 76056
Player 3 - 47963
Player 4 - 27760
Player 5 - 9939
Now if player 2 disconnects after 30 sec the scores are as follows

Player 1 - 59250
Player 2 - 5000
Player 3- 59281
Player 4 - 34471
Player 5 - 12342

Player compensation

This in effect compensates the other players for the increased difficulty of being a man down but is still related to that player's overall performance.

This has an unusual effect on the Ranking. The player that disconnected may still come out in first place, but now it is a predicted first place and that player's rewards are severely diminished whilst other players are increased. In the example above with the ranking event on this player is in 1st place but has now only a score of 5000 MRP. This will allow the player to see the consequences of a disconnect or an afk.


Absolute minimum Cap

5000 MRP is the minimum you can earn from any event.

Absolute Cap

This is set to 200,000 MRP and will be very difficult to achieve and impossible to exceed.

Non-Parseable Events (NPE)

NPEs work by providing a set of standardised values for all players no matter their ability. This is because in all NPEs it is not possible to parse everyone the same due to distance from the parser or in some cases different roles (think Counterpoint).

The values given for NPEs for most players will be enough to exceed the minimum SPEC OPS joining average of 40,000 MRP providing that player meets the current bonus event criteria, otherwise it will slightly short. SPEC OPS officers are protected from loss of rank by applying their current average MRP as the result. Deaths are dealt with as specified earlier.

Traffic Light Error Checking (RDF OFFICERS ONLY)

There are many settings on the MRP calculation sheet. The traffic light is something we are all familiar with and this simple system has been used to tell you if all the settings are correct.

If there is an error then the traffic light will display the “STOP!” message in red. In some cases it will also highlight what it thinks is wrong, in the example below the problem is that both ground combat and combined ground and space combat have been chosen, this is not possible and causes an error. You need to correct the error to continue.

Mrp Sheet 2

If all is well then the traffic light will be green with a “GO” written in the cell.

Enhancements to the player scorecard

The player scorecard now indicates how many merits a player has left for the purposes of securing merit packs and other items.

Career Specifics System

Tackling the unfair advantages of the tactical career over the other two careers has long been a bone of contention. For MRP 2 there will be career specifics. What this means is that during specific bonus weeks like Science week, the player who flies a science ship and uses a science captain will receive 10% additional MRP as opposed to a Tac in a Sci or an engineer in a Sci ship. The same goes for Cruiser week, engineers will receive a 10% boost as opposed to a Sci or a Tac flying a cruiser. In Escort week then the boost will go to tactical captains.

10% MRP bonus for flying a science ship with a science captain during a science week
10% MRP bonus for flying a tactical ship with a tactical captain during a tactical week
10% MRP bonus for flying an engineering ship with an engineer during engineering week

Weeks will be decided at the time but in general, it will obvious, and if not then a general guide will be, if the ship in the event has a secondary deflector then it’s science, if it has a commander engineering BOFF station then it’s engineering, if it has a commander tactical BOFF station then it’s tactical. Other specific circumstances may apply at the time.

The MRP 2 sheet has a checkbox for the RDF officer to apply career specific bonus.

Mission Time Override

Mission time override only works now for missions that take longer than 2000 seconds. Any lower value will not change the score.

Random TFO

Due to the inability to plan for a random TFO a checkbox will be ticked for these events, this will add a standard 10,000 MRP to everyone’s score but cannot exceed the 200,000 cap.


This sheet has been tested extensively for the last several weeks alongside the old sheet. It will give higher rewards for NPEs and short TFOs and similar results to the longer tougher missions, however all the above is subject to change should errors be found. Any changes will be listed in further patch notes.


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MRP (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

Click HERE to go to our MRP Page, but first read the Red Alerts page for background information.

Below are the current sheets that power this amazing events system. You are welcome to browse and interact where indicated.

Current Leader Board

2018 Leader

Current Ranks for the associated SRS MACO Fleet

2018 ranks

Calculation sheet with options to compare player performance

Enlarge Image or click below to go to sheet

Player Performance

SRS MACO Fleet members can earn merits which can be used to help buy packs to increase their MRP score as well as buy consoles, traits and even T6 ships.

The sheet below shows you which pack a particular member has bought.

Merit Enhancement Packs

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