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red-alert-oMission Replay and Red Alerts

Red Alerts

What are Red Alerts and how do they work?

We all know what a Red Alert is on Star Trek, it’s a time of extreme danger for the ship and crew, when any moment you can expect to be thrust into conflict. In Star Trek Online the existing Red Alert system is not very well supported, with just Borg and Tholain events to queue up for, there is also no story behind the missions and every time it is the same. What we have done in SRS is create our own Red Alert channel, you can join it by typing in the chat field

/channel_join SRS Red Alert

We would recommend changing the channel colour to red to make it stand out.

Once you are in the channel then from time to time you will see one of the RDF team leaders explaining a critical situation that requires a full RDF team. RDF is an acronym for Rapid Deployment Force, the team leaders are anyone in the position of Rapid Deployment Force Officer which is rank 5 in SRS Command. Often a little casual role play is introduced, for example you may see something like:

Red Alert - Rogue Trueway squadrons are sabotaging Federation satellites in the Obrom system Alpha Quadrant, immediate RDF team required to assist, X up to join RDF team.

You may join in the role play with anything pertinent, e.g. USS Valiant on route, eta 3 min.

We choose patrols in all quadrants as well as queues. It is important to note that most patrols in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants can only be run once, so it’s very important that after the mission you DO NOT hand it in, instead drop the mission and you will then be able to replay it later.

Mission Replay

Mission Replay

What is Mission Replay?

Quite simply it’s the replaying of previous mission episodes with a full team on elite difficulty. On occasions we may run with two or even three teams should the demand be large enough. The mission replay schedule is as follows:

Mondays - Federation
Tuesdays - Romulan
Wednesdays - Federation
Thursdays - Klingon
Fridays - Federation

We don’t run them at the weekend, instead we run other events such as PvP.

Once we start an episode arc we normally try to play all missions in that arc where possible.

How can I join?

As long as you are in an SRS Armada you may join. Every weekday evening at 9pm GMT look out for the announcement in SRS Armada Chat. Joining is purely on a first come first served basis, but if enough people want to play more teams will be created.

Mission Replay is very popular, if you wish to ensure that you have a chance to be in a team then be ready to X up as soon as you see the words “Mission Replay is now OPEN- X up”, please do not X up before, advance notice is usually given up to 1 hour before the event.

MR Points (MRP) equal big prizes

When you accrue MR points you gain points towards one of two large prize draws, the first is at the STO summer event and the second is during the STO winter event. Take a look below for the prizes on offer this year.

Learn More about MRP on our special page here - How to understand and improve MRP

Note that Mission Replay has a 2x multiplier to the MRP to allow for the much longer time it takes to run. In addition, any PvP called for by a red alert benefits from a flat 1000 point award per player.

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