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Red Squadron is a division of SRS primarily focusing on PVE. However its ultimate goal is to learn the best tactics to complete missions effectively and get the best rewards

SEG_logo Fleet Mark Events - Getting the maximum amount of fleet marks possible out of each event. 

SEG_logo02STFs - Getting the mission including the optional done in the easiest way possible. 

SEG_logo03Other PVEs - Getting the most out of the other PVE events. 


SEG_logo04Assisting The SRS Guardians - As the Guardians is growing it can always use a helping hand from other divisions (not that we make you chose only one, you could be in them all if you really want!), plus as we want to learn the best tactics from all aspects of the game so learning from the pro' PVPers in the Guardians how to be the best in PVP will also be something we look at. 

SEG_logo05Gaining Dilithium - Finding the quickest and best ways to earn dilithium. 

SEG_logo06Best Episode Rewards - Finding the episode specific (items you can only get from doing episodes) and useful items you can obtain in the episodes. 

SEG_logo07Levelling - Finding the quickest ways to get people to Vice Admiral (50) 

SEG_logo08Other - There'll be many new aspects to the game that we'll be looking at and we'll also be doing runs of Community Authored Content and group missions (such as Starbase Fleet Defense and Crystalline Catastrophe).

SRS-RS is open to any SRS fleet member, get in touch with Irwin by PM or mail to join or find out more.

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