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Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Group

Final Version


Selection Criteria
Conditions of continued membership

The Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Group, also known as Spec Ops, is the elite branch of Starfleet Intelligence, roughly analogous to Special Forces divisions such as a Marine Corp, that is frequently tasked with assignments deemed unsuitable or too difficult for the regular forces of Starfleet.

SRS and Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Group

After the success of SRS MACO in the recent Hur’q invasion and previous ongoing hostilities with the Iconians, Starfleet have approached the Commander in Chief of SRS Fleets, Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson, and requested he personally take charge of and create an SRS Branch of SPEC OPS.

Selection criteria for the SRS SPEC OPS fleet is extreme. Only the officers with consistently high success rates are invited to join this exclusive and rewarding fleet. Personnel who qualify for SRS SPEC OPS will receive a personal invitation to join from the Fleet Admiral, Matt Johnson.

Selection Criteria
In order to qualify for SRS SPEC OPS officers must fulfill the following three requirements.

1. Must qualify for SRS MACO
2. Must have an average MRP of greater than 60,000.
3. Must have an average SRS Score of greater than 5000 (this is your total MRP score divided by the total number of missions carried out this year by the fleet.
In addition, you cannot have an officer in SRS MACO and SRS SPEC OPS at the same time. So officers who are already in SRS MACO must transfer over to SRS SPEC OPS if they wish to join.
You may only have one officer in SRS SPEC OPS or SRS MACO but not both.

Conditions of continued membership

1. The officer must use his best performing characters in the SRS SPEC OPS fleet.
2. The officer must wear the SRS SPEC OPS uniform at all times, during combat Reputation armour is allowed. Any other outfit will see that officer being kicked from the team.
3. The officer must attend the SPEC OPS Briefing and inspection prior to any mission, this is held in the office at Starfleet Academy.
4. If the officer’s average MRP falls below 60,000 or their average SRS Score falls below 5000 they will be transferred out of SRS SPEC OPS to an appropriate position.
5. The rank insignia must display that of the SPEC OPS fleet. E.G. If you are a Commander in the fleet then you must display Commander pips, not fleet admiral. This does not affect your rank within Starfleet in general. Promotions will be based on performance as judged by the Fleet Admiral
SPEC OPS Polo shirt

1. After one month membership a fantastic quality SRS SPEC OPS Polo Shirt will be mailed to you worldwide. Just let us know the correct size.
2. A joining bonus of 10 million EC
3. A personal allowance of 600,000 EC per day
4. After one month membership requisition requests for Tier 5 ships (1 per 6 months)
5. After 3 months membership - qualification to receive the end of year bonus of 20 master keys.
6. 5% additional MRP added to your score for all missions
7. Access to SRS SPEC Ops extreme missions
8. Personal web page for your character

Further rewards may added at future dates.







1. Will my SRS MACO Merit packs still count?

Yes, you may continue to use any existing merit packs and purchase more in the future

2. I am one of the longest serving members of SRS and I am in SRS MACO but I don’t qualify for SRS SPEC OPS, why and what can I do?

Sadly not everyone will qualify for this fleet. The qualifying criteria was thought about long and hard to arrive at the 40,000 minimum MRP. This is a measure of your performance across all your events. The events this fleet will be entered into will require higher performance than that, higher DPS, better healing, better threat, better everything in fact. Whilst you have done great to get into SRS MACO and are rewarded for doing so, everyone can gain entry to SRS MACO given enough time. SPEC OPS is different, it also requires a great deal of performance at all areas of the game to not only qualify but to also maintain membership.

What you can do is continue to improve, as your scores get higher your average MRP will increase and you will hopefully gain enough experience to be invited to this fleet.

3. DO I have to join this fleet if I qualify?

Not at all, the choice is entirely up to you.

4. Where are the requistion forms for the ships?

They will be added in the future, check back or ask directly for the latest news.

5. Can I join SRS SPEC OPS events/missions with an officer that is not in SRS SPEC OPS, e.g. Command or MACO?

Absolutley, there will be some events in the future that will be SPEC OPS only, but the vast majority and at the moment all missions are open to all members of any SRS Armada fleet.

6. Will I really be refused entry to the mission if I am not wearing the SRS SPEC OPS uniform?

If you are an SRS SPEC OPS member and you are not wearing the uniform during the briefing, you will then be refused entry. Members from other fleets can still wear what they please. This is about military discipline, SRS SPEC OPS is a military fleet, and is more strict than other military fleets such as SRS MACO.

7. Can I really withdraw half a million EC per day? And what happens if there is no Jevonite or EC left in the bank?

Yes you can, that is one of the perks of membership. In the unlikely event the bank has run dry, please advise Matt Johnson as soon as possible.

8. What happens if I no longer qualify for SRS MACO, can I stay in SRS SPEC OPS?

This is unlikely given the maths involved, but should this case occur then no, you would have to leave and be transferred back to another fleet.

9. This is awesome, how can I help with the running or contributions to this effort?

Provisions provisions provisions, please do help build up the fleet by contributing to the projects, DOFFs are always the number one hold up, followed by dilithium. In real terms financial contributions towards the running of SRS are most welcome, there is a donate button on the main page, please use that.

10. Can I buy my way into SRS SPEC OPS?

Yes, the price is 1000, please use the donate button :)




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MRP (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

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Below are the current sheets that power this amazing events system. You are welcome to browse and interact where indicated.

Current Leader Board

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Player Performance

SRS MACO Fleet members can earn merits which can be used to help buy packs to increase their MRP score as well as buy consoles, traits and even T6 ships.

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Merit Enhancement Packs

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