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Welcome to the Vault

The Vault is where you can find all sorts of movies, downloads, tips and tricks to help you play and gain more enjoyment from STO. More content will be added all the time, so remember to check back regularly.

Movie Pages

A collection of films made by SRS members showing epic PvP battles, game events, fleet events and more.


Download your own SRS Academy Certificate of Graduation.

We’ve found you the best Star Trek font to use in your documents, downloadable on this page

Links to the Star Trek Online Combat Log Parser

Advanced Build Infographics

Looking for that amazing build for your ship, our Advanced Engineering Group has some of the best builds available. Even if they are not the exact same ship as yours most cruisers, escorts and science ships can utilise these builds very well.

SRS Youtube Video Page

Click on the image to open a new window with all our YouTube videos listed

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