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SRS is comprised of seven fleets, four Federation and one KDF aligned. The main fleet is called SRS COMMAND, then we have the SRS Josh Bee Academy, the SRS Guardians, SRS Chrononauts, SRS Carrier Task Force, SRS Omega and finally the House of SRS. on the Klingon side.

Each fleet has very different roles but do complement each other. To date the KDF fleet has no need of an Academy.

Click on each fleet logo or on the menu item to the right to explore each of the SRS fleets.

SRS Main FleetSRS Command

This is the original and main fleet of the SRS family. All holdings are maxed out and all facilities are available. Click on the picture to learn more.




SRS AcademySRS Josh Bee Academy

The home of new recruits for at least a couple of weeks and perhaps longer if they decide to become mentors to new players. Named after our long time friend JB who we lost in early 2017.




Chrononauts logo gif03SRS Chrononauts

If you’re a time traveler needing a home then this is the fleet for you. Only open to Agents of Yesterday characters, this fleet contains lots of unique an interesting items in the bank and a terrific identity for the modern chrononaut.




Are you PvP orientated? Do you crave a real challenge? Are you good enough to get into the Guardians fleet? If you are then the rewards a equally as impressive as your combat skills. Click on the picture to learn more on joining the Guardians.




Our Klingon allies have teamed up with the successful SRS fleets and built their own Armada. These honoured warrior are amongst the fiercest in the Galaxy but will always share a blood wine with fellow SRS fleet members. If you have or are about to roll a new KDF toon then this is the fleet for you.



carrier taskforce logoSRS Carrier Command

For some of the most challenging battles we sometimes need to bring in the fleet carriers. This fleet is only open to characters with carrier ships, that means at least one hangar but preferably two. We run specific carrier taskforce red alerts from time to time and the gear in the bank favours carrier useage.



Omega LogoSRS Omega

Our latest venture into role playing. Whilst RP forms a part of our red alerts this fleet will hopefully capture the imagination of those officer who aren’t really sure where the real world ends and the 25th century starts. Become part of the story, join Omega today/


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