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Star Trek : SRS


Star Trek SRS is a new season of foundry missions for SRS members and the wider community. The pilot episode is released on 17:01:17 followed by episode 2, part one and two the following week. The foundry missions will push the foundry editor to the limits to bring you maximum action, the most in-depth stories and each episode will have a hidden Horta egg somewhere to find. The first person to find the Horta Egg will receive a prize, (Horta Egg hunters are restricted to members of SRS Fleets and Armada Fleets, Horta eggs appear from Time Scalpel part 1 onwards, there are none in the pilot episode)

STAR TREK: SRS Release Dates


STAR TREK: SRS Pilot Episode - Timeless, S1E1 Season 1 Episode 1 
Release date 23:06:17
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Ep1Whilst going about your daily business you are called to the Andoria system where a Borg cube has mysteriously appeared, bar it's crew.

This episode introduces your character to the Special Reconnaissance Squadron or the SRS, a fleet within Starfleet tasked with dealing with the most complex and difficult problems facing the Federation today. Only the best men and women from all corners of the Galaxy are invited to join the SRS, let's see if you have the right stuff]


STAR TREK: SRS S1E2 - Season 1, Episode 2- Time Scalpel Part 1
Release date 23:07:17

Ep2Following on from the pilot episode Timeless, You were invited to join the Special Reconnaissance Squadron, an elite group of Starfleet officers from all disciplines, the SRS was created to deal with the most dangerous threats in all quadrants of the Milky Way.

Whilst on Patrol you are finally invited to the SRS Headquarters via DS9. Ostensibly you are required to pacify an irate Bolian Ambassador but it soon becomes apparent that a larger threat looms.


STAR TREK: SRS S1E2 - Season 1, Episode 3 - Time Scalpel Part 2
Release date 23:08:17

Ep3SPOILERS: In part one of Time Scalpel we learned that the Na'kuhl and the Orions were infiltrating the SRS headquarters in the Kinjun system in order to steal weapons and data concerning something called project Epsilon. Now your team, as the newest members of SRS, are traveling to Defera to continue your investigation. What you discover there and subsequently on Bajor, threatens the entire history of the Federation and even mankind



STAR TREK: SRS S1E4 - Season 1, Episode 4 -  Proving Ground
Release date 23:09:17

Ep4Having just begun your service with the SRS you are called back to ESD to hear some disturbing news. All is not what it seems, ESD and the Federation are in mortal danger.

 Warp factor 10 into battle with this fast moving and high action episode, can you prove that the  SRS is needed once again?



STAR TREK: SRS S1E5 - Season 1, Episode 5 -  V’Ger’s Playground
Release date 23:10:17

vegas playgroundA distant colony has gone sub-space silent, a massive energy cloud has been detected on route to Sol, disturbing similarities with the V’Ger incident are discovered. It's your job to travel to the far corners of the Beta Quadrant and find out what is happening, and prevent if you can, the destruction of all that we know.

This is a first for Star Trek: SRS,  a pure exploration mission with minimal to no combat. Instead the the excitement of the story is developed using interesting activities, conundrums and massive special effects. You will be the first to find out what happened next after The Motion Picture.



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