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STLG_logoStar Trek Online is not all just fighting and shooting!. 

With 48 years of history the phenomenon that is Star Trek has an incredibly rich and diverse story line. From The Original Series through to the latest movies and all the series in between, even books, cartoons and comics. Whatever you consider to be canon in the Star Trek universe you can be sure it will be of interest to all fleet members and future fleet members alike.

The STLG is responsible for engaging the Lore of Star Trek within the fleet, by way of c

ompetitions, puzzles, events and Role Playing within the game. There are numerous social locations to engage in RP in STO, indeed it is designed to be an MMORPG and those that are interested in taking part are more than welcome within SRS.

STO has a rich story which is constantly being updated. The very latest enemies to deal with are the Tholians, whilst the Borg represent an ever present threat for the Alpha Quadrant. And when off duty there are numerous locations that you may relax and explore, the STLG will work closely with the Red Squadron for locating new fantastic opportunities for RP, whilst all ideas for events are most welcome.

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