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The Foundry for Star Trek Online is a fantastic tool for allowing the creation of UGC (User Created Content). At SRS we have some of the best UGC missions in the game, from short Red Alert events, to full on elite STFs and our Series of full length stories which we call Star Trek SRS.

How do I play these missions?

This is easy, go to the foundry tab in your missions window and click on Browse, click the drop down arrow next to Top Missions and in the title field type in SRS MRP, then click search. This will bring up all of our missions. Below is a list of our missions currently available in the foundry. This list will be updated as new missions are introduced.

Visit our dedicated page for the Star Trek SRS Series here: STAR TREK: SRS

If you’re a Foundry Author, try the Dialogue exporter to help you spell and grammar check your stories. Click the download link below.


SRS MRP Project Arcturus Part 1
Something has happened at the SRS Research Facility at Memory Alpha and you are sent to investigate, what starts as a mysterious attack on an SRS base leads you to conduct a mission to find out the true Identity of "The Benefactor". Can you find out his identity so we can prepare a Special Task Force to apprehend "The Benefactor" before it is too late


ST:SRS S1E9 V’Ger Homeworld
To boldy go where no one has gone before - [MR][Combined][Search "V'Ger Homeworld][Diff=7][FED][T][TNG PADD x5][Keyword = Exploration]

V'Ger Homeworld

ST:SRS S1E8 Distant Origins
Help the Voth Heretics prove Earth is their ancestral home [MR][Combined][Search Distant Origins][Diff=8][FED][TNG PADD x4][Keyword = TREX]

ST SRS S1E8 Distant Origin

SRS MRP Alea Iacta Est (Throw the Dice)
Help Garak and the Founder Ling, defend Empersa [Space][STF][DS9][SRS MRP Alea Iacta Est][Diff=9][Keyword = Throw the dice]

Alea Iacta Est

SRS MRP Iconoclastic
A distress call from the USS Maisi in the Lambda Bootis system (AQ) requires immediate assistance [SRS MRP Iconoclastic][MR][Combined][Diff=8.9][T][Keyword = Harvest]



ST: SRS Season 1 Episode 7 - Aequitas
A Section 31 lead takes you to a Cardassian city in search of The Master [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E7 Aequitas][Diff=8][FED][Keyword = Justice]

ST SRS S1E7 Aequitas

SRS MRP Andoria
A large Tzenkethi fleet is attacking Andoria [STF][Space][SRS MRP Andoria][Diff=9][T][FED][Keyword = Shon]

SRS MRP Black Hole
Three Federation ships have gone missing near a black hole [STF][Space][SRS MRP Black Hole][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Accretion]

SRS MRP Borg in the Hole
Tal Shiar are constructing something in a wormhole [STF][Space][SRS MRP Borg in the hole][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Tunnel]

SRS MRP Borg in the Hole - ELITE
Tal Shiar are constructing something in a wormhole [STF][Space][SRS MRP Borg in the hole - ELITE][Diff=9][T][FED][Keyword = Tunnel]

SRS MRP Convoy
Civilian ships are under attack on route to the Goralis System [STF][Space][SRS MRP Convoy][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Atlantic]

SRS MRP Extinction Level Event
The USS Explorer has gone missing in the Parein system (DQ),find and recover the ship and crew [MR][Combined][SRS MRP Extinction Level Event][Diff=7 or 9.95][T][Keyword = ELE]

SRS MRP End Game
A distress signal has been detected from the Borg Battlefield [STF][Space][SRS MRP End Game][Diff=8.5][T][FED][Keyword = Nanites]

end game

SRS MRP Infected Manus
We have lost contact with Starbase 82 [STF][Ground][SRS MRP Infected Manus][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Assimilate this]

Infected Manus cover

SRS MRP Interphase
A science ship is in distress [MR][Combined][SRS MRP Interphase][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Plasma]

SRS MRP Mars Attacks
Tholians are attacking Utopia Planetia [STF][Space][SRS MRP Mars Attacks][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Spider]

SRS MRP Memory Lane
You are invited to the inaugural opening of Memory Alpha [MR][Combined][SRS MRP Memory Lane][Diff=8.5][T][FED][Keyword = Hippocampus]

Memory Lane Poster

SRS MRP Mercury Rising - Elite
A full scale invasion of the Mercury System is underway [STF][Combined][SRS MRP Mercury Rising][Diff=9.5][T][FED][Keyword = Reflections]

SRS MRP Neutralisation
We are going to retake our colony on Shenda II from the Borg [MR][Combined][SRS MRP Neutralisation][Diff=9][T][FED][Keyword = Delta]

Neutralisation 2

SRS MRP Night Terrors
What is terrorising Klingon villagers? [STF][Combined][SRS MRP Night Terrors][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Monster]

SRS MRP Prison Bug
Facility 4028 has gone radio quiet [STF][Ground][SRS MRP Prison Bug][Diff=6][T][FED][Keyword = Slime]

Prison Bug

An anomaly has been detected at Sanek, investigate [STF][Space][SRS MRP Sanek][Diff=6][T][FED][Keyword = Kelvin]

SRS MRP The Master Pt1
A freighter has been spotted acting suspiciously [STF][Combined][SRS MRP The Master Pt1][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Alien]

SRS MRP The Master Pt2
We have permission to track down The Master [MR][Combined][SRS MRP The Master Pt2][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Enterprise]

SRS MRP The Void
The USS Forrester is missing in the Void [MR][Combined][SRS MRP The Void][Diff=9][T][FED][EV Suit Req][Keyword = Black]

THe Void Poster

SRS MRP Traitor
The location of a traitor has been revealed [STF][Combined][SRS MRP Traitor][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Shifter]

SRS MRP V'Ger Homeworld
We are tracking down the origins of V'Ger [Sci Exploration][No Parse][Diff=0][T][FED][Keyword = Kirk]

SRS MRP Vaadwaur RebellionWe have been invited to the opening of DS12 at Vaadwaur Prime [STF][Combined][SRS MRP Vaadwaur Rebellion][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Galen]

Vaadwaur Rebellion poster

SRS MRP Vastam Cave
Cleanup the remaining Hirogen from New Romulus [STF][Ground][SRS MRP Vastam Cave][Diff=6][T][FED][Keyword = Alpha]
SRS MRP Vastam Cave

ST:SRS S1E1 Timeless
nvestigate a Borg cube in the Andoria System [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E1 Timeless][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Nihlinese]

ST:SRS S1E2 Time Scalpel Pt 1
Your first day at SRS HQ [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E3 Time Scalpel Pt 2][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Knife]

Time Scalpel release image pt 2

ST:SRS S1E3 Time Scalpel Pt 2
Follow up your investigations on Bajor [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E3 Time Scalpel Pt 2][Diff=7][T][FED][Keyword = Blade]

ST:SRS S1E4 Proving Ground
Is this the end of the SRS? [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E4 Proving Ground][Diff=8][T][FED][Keyword = Imposter]

A probe of stupendous power is on the edge of Federation Space [MR][No Parse][ST:SRS S1E5 V'Ger][Diff=0][T][FED][Keyword = Spock]


ST:SRS S1E6 Mind Games
Strange events at ESD require investigation [MR][Combined][ST:SRS S1E6 Mind Games][Diff=8][T][FED][EV suit and Floater Req][Keyword = Floater]


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MRP is our premier events system. No other fleet in STO has such a comprehensive system for running events and none are more rewarding.

MRP will help you improve your build, win you amazing prizes, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

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