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by DnaAngel (accurate as of 2016)

Phaser- 2.5% Chance to disable 1 subsystem for 5 seconds
     *Once a target has been affected with the Phaser proc, it develops an disable immunity for subsequent procs for a short time

Plasma- 2.5% Chance to place a plasma burn DoT (Damage over time) on the target for 15 seconds.
     *Plasma's proc can be boosted with plasma consoles and other consoles/sets/items that boost plasma damage
      *The Plasma DoT is always direct hull damage

Disruptor- 2.5% Change to add 10% Damage resistance debuff (-10% resistance to damage) for 15 secs
     *Though you personally cannot stack additional debuffs, others on your team who are using disruptor based weapons can
     *The Disruptor proc is notorious for proccing quite commonly and is arguably the energy that procs the most and the most reliably

Tetryon- 2.5% Chance to add additional shield damage
     *Tetryon's proc is boosted by Flow Capacitors
     *Tetryon's proc ONLY affects shields

Polaron- 2.5% chance to lower all targets subsystems -25 power levels
     *Polarons power drain proc is boosted by Flow Capacitors
     *Polarons proc will take subsystems completely offline, if the power in said system is lower then that of the proc.

AntiProton- Adds an additional +20 Crit Severity bonus to all Critical Hits
     *Maximizing CrtH or Critical Chance increases the effectiveness of this energy type as it is solely based on hitting for a critical hit

Elachi Disruptors- 2.5% Chance to ignore 100% of targets shields and 50% of their damage resistance
     * Elachi procs have a 5 second global CD between each one. This means once a single shot procs, all weapons are locked out of being able to proc for 5 seconds. ** As of Season 9 the proc to Elachi weps have been altered, though not noted in the info text. Now, when an Elachi weapon procs, it allows ALL your weapons to completely Ignore shields for 5 secs. ~Tested and confirmed~

Nanite Disruptors- 2.5% to lower targets damage resistance by 5% and increase shield bleedthrough by 2% for 15 seconds
     *Shield penetration stacks with subsequent procs, but the damage resistance does not, unless other team members are using disruptors and they get a proc as well

Spiral Wave Disruptors- 2.5% chance to lower targets damage resistance 10% as well as a 2.5% chance to disable 1 subsystem for 5 seconds
     *This weapon type is obtained off the Cardassian Galor

Romulan Plasma- 2.5% to lower targets damage resistance by 10% and a 2.5% chance to create a plasma burn DoT for 15 seconds
     *Acquired though the Romulan Reputation System
     *Arguably the best weapons in the game for raw DPS, when combined with: Embassy Consoles, Set bonuses and Tac consoles.

Refracting Tetryon- 2.5% chance to do additional shield damage as well as a 2.5% chance to hit an additional nearby target
     *Obtained through the Nukara Reputation System
     *Target must be within 3km? for the additional target to be affected
     *Tetryon's shield damage proc is boosted by Flow Capacitors

Destabilizing Tetryon- 2.5% chance to add stacking shield drain for 15 seconds
     *Shield drain is boosted by Flow Capacitors

Protonic Polaron- 2.5% chance to drain targets subsystem power levels -25 as well as a 25% chance for a critical hit to add additional Proton damage
     *These are only obtained though the Dyson Reputation system
     *The Additional Proton proc is only based on critical hits, so maximizing your CrtH(Critical Hit chance) maximizes the effectiveness of this. However the Dyson Tac consoles boost the Proton proc's damage so this is always a toss up on what combination of Tac consoles to use
      * As of 3/23/2014 there are no resistances for Proton damage

Elite Fleet Phasers- 2.5% Chance to disable 1 subsystem for 5 seconds as well as a 5% chance at adding a small shield heal
     *The shield heal proc is boosted by Starship Shield Emitters as well as console/items that boost emitters (Shield healing)
     *Elite Phasers are only available to Federation or Federation aligned Romulan characters
     *Only obtainable through a Federation Fleet with T5 Tactical via the Fleet Starbase
Elite Fleet Disruptors- 2.5% chance to lower targets damage resistance by 12% for 15 seconds and a 2.5% chance to increase damage to targets shields by 25% for 10 seconds

     *Elite Disruptors are only available to KDF(Klingon) or KDF aligned Romulan characters
     *Only obtainable through a KDF Fleet with T5 Tactical via the Fleet Starbase

Phased Biomatter Phasers- 2.5% to inflict up to 710 additional damage to target and up to 4 additional targets within 1km of initial target
     *Proc damage done to additional targets is split among all targets. i.e. if proc was for 2000 damage and there was a total of 4 targets, then each target would recieve 500 damage. If no targets are around the initial target then that target will  receive 100% of the procs damage
     *The Phased Biomatter proc can scale up to almost 5,000 additional damage on a single target, uncritted

Undine BioMolecular- 2.5% chance to lower turn rate and cause radiation damage

*All other weapon types not listed are hybrids that offer 2 regular procs at a cost of 1 modifier and lower DPS*

Energy type downfalls:


On paper, most players think this is king in PvP as well as most PvE(due to disabling subsystems). Phaser is a damn good weapon, though often times expensive. The biggest draw back to using Phasers are the simple fact that once a proc is initiated the target gains an immunity to subsequent procs for a short time, this is especially heartbreaking if the said proc was to Aux or Weapons.

Another big downfall to Phasers that most players overlook is the 5 second disablement is only for "Ideal" conditions. That means if the target has any points in Subsystem Repair or using proper traits, the proc really only lasts for 0.7-2 seconds tops. In PvP, most respectable PvPers run a skill level of 90-150 in this skill, which makes the proc last for less then 1 second. Engineering Team and Red matter Capacitor also combat the proc from Phasers. Subspace Decompiler in theory should actually boost the Phaser proc's duration, especially since it is countered with Subsystem Repair, but as of 3/24/2014 it still does not.

On the flipside to that, Phaser IMO is still one of the best to use in PvP, due to so many players stacking Plasma/Disruptor resistance. Even if your procs are being negated, you are still hitting though much of their defenses, allowing the proc to be an added bonus as it should be.

**As of 7/21/2014, Phased Biomatter phasers eliminate the proc negation problem and incorporate a super high additional damage boost. Supper effective for high cirtting builds.


For PvE, this is one of the best, no immunity effects, NPC's can't really clear it and with proper plasma boosts, can be quite deadly. This is especially true when using Romulan Plasma weps where you are also throwing in a damage resistance debuff.

PvP is quite the opposite. Most players are innately guarded against this as they also run Borg PvE in spare time, Proc can be cleared by several things and much of the Plasma torpedo's are almost always shot down with FaW and other spam.


Again, one of THE best to use in PvE, esp if not running Romulan Plasma. Nice fat damage resistance debuff that procs very often and stacks with other players. Some of the highest DPS parses ever recorded in STO were with disruptor based weapons. NPC's have no real means to clear the debuff as well.

PvP has a somewhat different approach. Like Plasma, many players are also innately guarding against it, esp with this type being so popular. The debuff can also be cleared by various means and one of those is the dreaded Tactical Team, which everyone and their brother in PvP spams.


When setup properly, Polaron can be quite deadly in both PvE and PvP. However, in order to do this, it will cost either alot of money or alot of important ship console slots. For PvE, stacking Flow Caps, Plasmonic Leech and maybe a small Energy Siphon can often lead to NPC's having their shields or engines taken offline completely, leaving them wide open to assaults. From my experience only "Elite" NPC's guard against energy drain.

In PvP, much of the same rules apply. However in order to get a Polaron set to really work, you will often be throwing much of your science consoles away to fit Fleet Flow Caps as well as other Universals that boost the skill. The same applies for other things like having to use the Jem'Hadar or similar set to get the full benefit of Flow Cap boost. Without proper boost to Flow caps, much of the Polaron proc is lost as most players run 90-150 in the Power Insulator skill, which takes that -25 power level proc down to a comical -5-10 depending on their Power Insulator skill and not taking into account your own Flow Capacitor skill. even at -15 though, this would not affect the majority of players in PvP when their power levels are almost always above 75 now adays. The best you will do is lower their DPS for a few seconds, shave off a few degrees of turn or lower their hull healing by a small amount. In the end, stack flow caps to get a skill level of 250 or more + Leech or don't use this type at all(Unless you are using Phased Polarons, Dominion Polarons or Protonic Polaron). On the contrary, I have seen full teams of premades all run focused Polaron and it is quite a show!

It is also worth noting that it is claimed that the proc from Polaron weapons can be cleared with Sci Team. However, I have not personally tested nor investigated this claim, though in theory it sounds logical.

Like Phaser, Polaron's DO benefit from being outside what most players guard for, leaving them more prone to your attacks. The ultimate goal when using Polarons is to get the tooltip to read: -65 energy drain to subsystems (Weapons +Leech). For PvP, the same applies but I would personally shoot for -80 total, after taking into consideration other players will have decent level of Power Insulators( I subtract -30 from my drain totals for this). Crazy eh? yeap, that's why I said this is one of those energy types that to get the most out of, you have to take away from many other areas...

@ 110 Flow Capacitor Skill:

Polaron Weapons lowers targets subsystem power: -40
Plasmonic Leech lowers targets subsystem power: -17
Plasmonic Leech raises your subsystem power: +17


Tetryon is one of those weapon types that sounds good in theory, yet no one seems to use. Luckily the onset of Destabilizing Tets with the Refracting and Tet console Lobi Set have breathed new life into these. However, the Tetryon proc is far too weak to really be of use IMO. Like Polaron, you have to stack the crap out of consoles, in this case Flow Caps to get the most from them, but by that time, you mind as well just use Polarons...

The main complaint with Tet's are that once a facing is down, the proc is useless. I never recommend these for PvE, but In PvP these are seeing new light. Either way, if your main goal is to get shields down as fast as possible then leting the rest of your skills do the talking then Tetryon is really not that bad. Tetryon + Omega set 2 pcs (Tet glider)+ 230 or more Flow Cap skill + Tachyon beam does pretty much waste targets shields, but what are you loosing to gain all that stuff? In PvP, this type is beginning to see more and more users, esp with so many people spamming shield heals and stacking shield resists, but as I mentioned previously, you have to throw alot away to gain the ability to make these even remotely plausible to use. Otherwise most player's innate shield regen will negate the proc..EVERYTIME. If going for this setup, I highly recommend getting the new Tet lobi set as well as a full set of Destabilizing Tetryon weapons and then putting 9 points in Flow Caps at the least.

Like Phaser and Polaron, Tetryon see's the added perk of bypassing most of a players stacked resistance as many don't guard against it.


AntiProton or "AP" is hands down one of the most popular to use in PvE. However, the proc is ONLY good when doing a critical hit, so needing to get as much CrtH(Critical Hit chance) is paramount to it's effectiveness, but by that point, you would be better off using Protonic's in PvP. Reason for that is most players like with Plasma and Disruptor are well guarded against it, so it doesn't matter either way TBH. If going for 20%+ Critcal hit Chance and only doing PvE, I can somewhat see this as being a decent go to, but keep in mind AP is getting consistently out-parsed in DPS by Disruptor based weapons atm.

Now that with the onset of Fleet gear, AP is much more easily obtainable, which leads me to my next input...

Fleet gear or not to fleet gear...

This is also asked quite alot, and like other gear in STO, the onset of SO much Fleet gear, has absolutely killed the value of everything else.

When it comes to space gear, having a ton of EC is now out the window for 85% of the STO community. My thing is this:

Do you PvP, are you going to? If you answered YES, then hands down you are going to be searching though the exchange for weapons with Accx3 modifiers in whatever flavor of weapons you are using/want to use. Mk XI Accx3 can be quite affordable a times so don't let that hold you back. If you answered NO, proceed to next sentence.

Do you have alot of money? If you answered NO to this, then you have 2 options to still play with: a. Grind for Advanced Fleet Weapons with Accx2 Modifiers, Grind for Reputation gear weapons or Purchase gear out of the exchange with lesser modifiers, preferably Crthx2+CrtD or the super cheap Acc+CrtD+Dmg.

Basically, Get Accx3 for PvP (If cannot afford Accx3 and you PvP, use Accx2 Advanced Fleet Weapons), or if you don't PvP and have no desire to (all other means STO), then use Accx2+Dmgx2 Advanced Fleet gear or weapons from the Reputation system.

If you are grinding up to the fleet gear, MK X VR (Purple quality) weapons are more then fine for PvE.

Modifiers and what they mean for you:

Acc(Accuracy)- Each "Acc" Modifier adds +10% accuracy to the weapon
     *If your accuracy is higher then the targets defense you gain "Over-Accuracy". This turns into additional CrtH (Critcal Hit Chance). The more your Accuracy is over the Targets defense, the higher your chance to hit a critical hit is. *NOTE* The system says that over-accuracy is actually CrtD(Critical Severity), but this has been confirmed to be a long standing misprint bug.

CrtH(Critical Hit Chance)- Each "CrtH" modifier adds a +2% Chance to initiate a critical hit, but only for that particular weapon.

CrtD(Critical Severity)- Each "CrtD" modifier adds +20% damage boost to each critical hit, but only for that weapon's own critical hit

DMG(Damage)- Each "DMG" modifier increases the base damage that the weapon outputs
     *Arguably THE worst modifier in the game to use, as the damage boost is marginal and end up being out-parsed in damage (sometimes by a long shot), but all other modifiers including acc.
     *A DMGx3 modifier DOES NOT mean that the weapon does 3x the damage, it just means it has 3 damage modifiers.

Currently my opinion on best types to use per scenario:


*Romulan Plasma- When set up for max boost, one of the best if not THE best in terms of sustained damage output. Also includes 2 powerful and dependable procs
*Elachi Disruptors- With the onset of the revamped proc(still not noted in tooltip ingame), definitely a sure fire way to get solid DPS, bursts and quick kills. One of the best looking as well(cannons)
*AntiProton- If you have 20%+ Native critical hit chance (CrtH) then these can hit quite hard, though make sure your CrtD or Critical Severity is high as well. Higher CrtH= Higher AP dmg output
*Disruptors- Can't go wrong with anything disruptor based, since it's proc is VERY dependable.
*Phased Biomatter Phasers- Proc scales up to 5k dmg (more in some cases) and averages it's proc about 11-13% as noted by my own personal ACT parses.
*Nanite Disruptors- Solid and dependable Disruptor proc with added shield penetration which is never a bad thing!


*Phaser/Phased Biomatter- Not very guarded against and both procs can be deadly, esp if using normal phasers and target has little to no points in subsystem repair
*Polaron- Not very guarded against, but the proc by itself is almost useless, esp if target has points in Power Insulators. If going this route, Leech and Siphon as well as high HIGH flow cap skill is needed for max effectiveness.
*Refracting/Destablizing Tetryon- Least guarded against energy type and if high Flow Cap skill, Destabilizing Tetryon with possibly 2 pcs Omega set can pretty much waste even the best shield whore's shields to nothing.
*Elachi Disruptors- Disruptor is single handedly THE most guarded against type, however the new Elachi proc allows ALL your weapons to ignore your targets shields for a full 5 seconds as well as lowering their damage resistances by -50%. Also one of the lowest proc'ing procs, but in PvP when it procs, oh boy! The downside is in between those procs (95% of your dmg) you are being heavily resisted. Only go for this wep type for burst/vape builds.


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